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 Drama in my safe

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MessageSujet: Drama in my safe   Mer 28 Oct - 18:39

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Drama in my gun safe
I posted this up on my Facebook wall this morning. It made me laugh so I'm going to share it:

My AR-15s have their own safe so they don't have to mingle with lesser firearms. (Not how they word it of course.) To keep the neighborhood from becoming too elitist and add some diversity, last night I moved a Tokarev T33 in. The ARs started a petition based on the lowering of property values due to low income immigrants in their neighborhood.

There was then a "We are the 99%" rally just outside of the safes in support of the T33, attended by Mosin-Nagant M91/30s and an SVT-40, protesting this outrageous discrimination. The Remington 700 Police hung around the protest to make sure there was no trouble.

For the most part the Chinese M14s stayed out of it, but did secretly offer to sell ammunition to both sides. The Enfields wrote a letter of support for the T33, as they've "Been there with you in the trenches, brother."

The hipster Ruger 10-22 wanted to look like it cared so it started the Twitter hash tag ‪#‎justicefort33‬ but didn't do anything else.

The ancient Luger showed up by itself and voiced support for the AR-15s, based on the T-33 being a "sub-firearm". The AR-15s ignored the Luger and pretended it wasn't there but were embarrassed at being on the same side.

In the end the Tokarev moved in due to an OMB ruling.

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MessageSujet: Re: Drama in my safe   Mer 28 Oct - 19:08

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Drama in my safe
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